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Tractive Effort (lb) 27,275
Pressure (lbf./in2) 225
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Weights - Full Working Order

Engine (tons cwt.) 75-0
Tender (tons cwt.) 46-14
Total (tons cwt.) 121-14
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Weights - Empty

Engine (tons cwt.) 69-0
Tender (tons cwt.) 22-10
Total (tons cwt.) 91-10
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General Dimensions

Length of Engine (ft. ins.) 38-7.25
Length of Tender (ft. ins.) 24-4.5
Total Length (ft. ins.) 63-0.25
Coupled Wheelbase (ft. ins.) 27-1
Total Wheelbase (ft. ins.) 53-4.5
Maximum Width (ft. ins.) 8-11.25
Maximum Height (ft. ins.) 13-3.25
Height to Boiler C.L. (ft. ins.) 8-6
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Leading Wheel Diameter (ft. ins.) 3-0
Driving Wheel Diameter (ft. ins.) 6-0
Tender Wheel Diameter (ft. ins.) 4-1.5
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Small O. Diameter (ft. ins.) 4-10 13/16
Large O. Diameter (ft. ins.) 5-6
Length Between Tubeplates (ft. ins.) 14-10
No. of Tubes and O.D. (ins) 176-2
Tube Heating Surface (ft2) 1,686
Grate Area (ft2) 27.1
Firebox Heating Surface (ft2) 154
No. of Flues and O.D. (ins) 14-5.25
Superheating Surface (ft2) 262

Total Evaporative Surface (ft2)

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(2) Diameter x Stroke (ins) 18.5x30
Piston Valve Diameter x Travel (ins) 10x7
Valve Gear Type Stephensons
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Water Capacity (gallons) 4,000
Coal Capacity (tons) 6
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